Oftentimes the most successful businesses are those born from an understanding of a need of something in a particular neighborhood. That was the case with “Nancy’s Candy & Spice.” People in Lawrenceville and surrounding cities used to have to drive 20-40 miles to get fresh herbs and spices.

Nancy Abuaisheh opened her shop shortly after Christmas of 2012. The first thing you notice when you walk in into the shop are the historic red bricks surrounding you. The character and the warmth of the space are very enchanting. You can sense right away the aroma of the spices that is taking over.


Nancy gets her spices from a distributor that she knows and trust. The special seasoning mixes are one of a kind that you can’t find at a regular grocery store.

Like they say every small business has a story behind it. Amazingly the space that Nancy’s Candy and Spice is in used to be a local gallery where Nancy used to display her own art work. She always felt that this little gallery brings her luck, since she sold many pieces there, and had a solo exhibit at one point in it. With the success of the gallery the gallery owner had to move to a bigger space few blocks down, leaving it up for lease. This gave Nancy an idea.

Nancy's Candy & Spice has been serving the lawrenceville community since 2012.

She wanted to start a spice and candy shop similar to those old shops in Jerusalem where Nancy is originally from. So it did not take much thought for  Nancy to combine both the spice shop and her art in one place. People from Lawrenceville and surrounding cities drive to Nancy’s to get the best spices and seasonings in town. They also enjoy the sampling of all different and unique sweets and gummies that are imported and locally made.

Opening the shop was a big step that she wanted to take for many years. 2012 was the year she did just that. With hard work, time, and love put into this great little shop, Nancy knew that this is a beginning of a long journey. Please join me on that journey by coming by and seeing my shop for yourselves.

I'd  like to thank you for visiting my website and hope to see you soon. If you would like to learn more about me and my art you can visit it website here.