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A word from Nancy~

Today we are going to be open from 11AM until 4PM, and I invite you to keep checking our social media and the website for updates concerning our hours.

I want to THANK everyone who has ordered online and shopped in our store over the past week, as we are entering uncertain times, and small businesses are going to be hit the hardest.

As stated previously, we are doing everything we can to ensure the shop is clean and ready for guests. We are wiping the door handles every 20 minutes, wiping all surfaces, scooping for the customer, disinfecting the scoops, and more. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

I love my customers and simply cannot put into words how appreciative I am for the last seven years we have been open. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and it is one that I hope continues for many years to come.

Don’t panic: take things a day at a time. Check on your friends, your neighbors, your family because you never know who is struggling or what is going on. Give them a quick call or text; you’ll be glad you did. We have a struggle ahead of us, but we will work together as a community and get through it.Here are a few things you can to do help

:1) Follow “the_dtl” on Instagram and “city of Lawrenceville” on Facebook to stay up-to-date with everything going on in the area.

2) If you’d like to call us ahead of time to make sure we are open that is fine. If you’d like us to hold something for you so that when you get here you’re in and then out quickly that is fine. You can place online orders at OR call us at 770-910-792.

3) If you need to order food I invite you to check out some of the local restaurants in the area like local republic, strange taco bar, foggy bottom BBQ, Peachtree café, McCray’s Tavern, Cosmos Pizza, La Cazuela, and cornerstop café, among others. Small businesses need you more now than ever.

4) Wash your hands and limit your contact with other people

I’m not sure what the next couple weeks are going to look like, but I do know one thing for sure: we are always here for you to answer your questions or concerns. Thank you guys SO MUCH! I want to be as transparent as possible with the community, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

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