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New Candies Have Arrived!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

It's been a pretty busy week here at Nancy's Candy & Spice! I'm happy to announce that we have four new candies in stock and we have restocked some others.

Check out what's new:

  • Miniature chocolate caramel balls

  • Yogurt Almonds

  • Frosted Pretzels

  • Sour Gummy Belts

  • Pastel Jordan Almonds

Check out what is back in stock:

  • Chocolate Gummy Bears

  • Sour Gummy Bears

Orange creme almonds are returning in a few days! Please be sure to check back soon. We know you miss them!

As far as our seasonings go here is what we have restocked:

  • Steak Seasoning

  • Kansas City Steak Seasoning

  • Applewood Smoke Rub

That is a lot of exciting updates isn't it?

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