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Our Autumn Candy is here!

I am happy to announce that our fall candy is now available in our store! The best part is that even more is coming later this week.

Here is a full list of what we've got:

  • Pumpkin Pie Almonds

  • Choc. Covered Fruit Basket

  • Sea Salt Choc. Cashews

  • Autumn Jelly Bean Mix (Available 9/5)

  • Candy Corn (Available 9/5)

We have also adjusted the way we are pricing our candy. We are back to weighing it out in the shop, however, everything is still prepackaged. Previously everything was one set price. This will ensure that you are paying for exactly the amount you would like.

See something you like? Head down to our shop as we'd love to see you! :)

** Our Candy will return to our online store on September 29th! It was removed because it is too hot to ship candy during the summer months.

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