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Tuscan Garlic Butter Shrimp recipe!

Tip: I personally think this dish works best when served over pasta, but it also works served over vegetables and rice. Tip: The Tuscan herb olive oil works best for this recipe, but regular olive oil will do too. Tip: This recipe feeds about 2-3 people.



1 scoop garlic butter seasoning* (Roughly 4 oz.) 1 tablespoon Tuscan herb flavored olive oil* 4 oz. sun-dried tomatoes. 2 tablespoons of salted butter 1 pound of shrimp, tails off 1 yellow onion, diced 1 half scoop Italian seasoning* (Roughly 2 oz.) 2 cups of parmesan cheese 3 cups baby spinach 4 cloves garlic, diced Medium sized bowl 1 ½ cup half and half cream mix

"*" Represents items that can be bought in our shop.



In a medium-sized bowl season the shrimp with the garlic butter seasoning and set aside.

Heat a 10-inch skillet over medium heat. Melt the butter, add the Tuscan herb flavored olive oil, and then add in the garlic cloves. Wait about one minute. Add in the seasoned shrimp and cook for about two to three minutes on each side. Transfer to a new bowl and set aside. Leave everything else in the skillet.

Next you are going to want to throw the diced onion into the skillet and fry with the butter that is still in the skillet. Add in the sun dried tomatoes and allow them to cook for about two minutes. Reduce heat to low, and add in the parmesan cheese, half and half, and baby spinach. Wait for one minute and allow the cheese to melt into the sauce stirring occasionally.

Add back in the seasoned shrimp and stir. Afterwards, top with Italian seasoning. Serve over rice, pasta, or vegetables.

Taste so good it'll drive your guest crazy!

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